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A proud history.

Seaton Group was founded by Jack Grant in the 1950. Early projects included Elliot Lake, Maple and the mid-century modern Seneca heights in Woodbridge. Even back then Grant pursued architectural excellence, engaging his childhood friend, Jerome Markson, as architect. Markson became one of the deans of the Toronto architectural scene, called by many the "archtitect's architect".

Grant had an affinity for smaller towns within commuting distance of Toronto. He chose towns that had charming main streets and rivers running through them, and built expansion that complimented and enhanced their unique charms.

Projects in the 1970s and 1980s included major expansions of the villages of Unionville, Woodbridge and Uxbridge. He never dreamt that the Toronto urban area would eventually engulf the former two.

Stewardship of the company was assumed by two of Jack's sons, Jeremy and Jordan in the 1990s. Major projects completed since the "boys" became involved include most of  the Woodbridge projects and Uxbridge. Thistlewood, Rockwood Ridge and subsequent projects were initiated by the second generation.





In addition to the land development projects, Jack always had outside interests in both the business and social justice realms. That legacy continues today, with the group's diversified investments in operating businesses that involve preserving, protecting and adding value to land and our built heritage.

With the change in provincial policy to encourage intensification, the company's developments now are generally smaller infill projects rather than greenfields. A professional planner, Jeremy's focus remains on development, whereas Jordan takes responsibility for the operating businesses. Jeremy now lives in Gueph, and consequently most of our projects now tend to be west of Toronto. Both are deeply involved in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, by passion, not design.